Working independently as an engineering contractor, you may consider obtaining a mortgage to be way out of your reach. The high street lenders have notoriously made the mortgage process a challenge for non-permanent employees. Perhaps you have attempted to secure a mortgage only to be stopped in your tracks when asked to show accounts, which don’t always offer a true reflection of your income.

Finding your perfect engineering contractor mortgage

At Contractor Financials we can fully appreciate how difficult arranging a mortgage is when working for yourself. As an engineer perhaps your contract has taken you on a six month secondment out of the country and you find yourself working in the South China Sea or perhaps sat at the top of a building in Europe. Although your work may impose challenges to your life, acquiring a mortgage does not have to be an additional hassle. We can assure you that here at Contractor Financials one of our award winning Mortgage Advisers can help you through the entire mortgage process.

4 reasons why Contractor Financials can offer engineering contractors a complete mortgage service

  1. Our clients are just contractors and as such we can fully understand your employment status, how you are paid and how precious your free time is. We can also appreciate that working long hours on a contract, the last thing you want to do is go into to a high street branch of a banking institution only to find you cannot be helped. We avoid all of this and instead deal with key underwriters within the lenders centralised processing units. Enabling us to offer all engineers the best rates available.
  2. The lenders we deal with can base your ability to secure an engineering contractor mortgage on your annualised contract rate (up to 5 times your income). The use of your contract rate alone avoids the need for submission of company accounts that first time contractors may not have and that will not truly reflect your income. Use the mortgage calculator to find out how much you can borrow.
  3. Irrespective of how long you have been contracting as an engineer, whether it be just one week, we are able to arrange an engineering contractor mortgage for you.
  4. Contractor Financials have assisted over 22,000 clients in making the most of their contractor status. You will have a dedicated adviser who you will be your main point of contact throughout the mortgage process.