Aberdeen is the UK’s Oil & Gas Capital.  Due to its location in the far North East of Scotland, near the vast North Sea oil fields, most of the major players in the British Oil and Gas industry have offices in and around the Aberdeen area.  BP, Shell, Total, ConocoPhillips and Chevron are some of the better known companies but there are many more covering all aspects of the Oil and Gas industries including exploration, drilling and mapping.  With all of these companies situated in one place Aberdeen has become a real hot bed for contracting jobs and an ideal place for a contractor to live.

Things to do

Aberdeen is certainly not just a place to commute to, the historic ‘Granite City’ is a great place to live with a thriving culture and plenty to see and do. Some of the key highlights include;

  • The Beach - Aberdeen beach is very close to the city centre and features a 2 mile long clean sweep of sand
  • The Art Gallery - Aberdeen Art Gallery showcases the work of some of Scotland’s finest artists in beautiful surroundings
  • Boat Cruises – Take a trip outside Aberdeen’s harbour and go Dolphin spotting
  • The Maritime Museum – Find out all about Aberdeen’s maritime history of shipbuilding, whaling, fishing and oil exploration


Although house prices in Aberdeen have dropped a little in 2014 due to a drop in Oil prices, the average priced house still comes in at £225,000 meaning that Aberdeen is a great place to buy property that will grow in value in the long term.

Contractor Mortgages

If you are looking to start a contracting job in Aberdeen and are moving to the city, we can help with your mortgage and ensure you can borrow what you need to get the house you want.  Due to our long established relationships with High Street lenders we can achieve generous multiples of your contract rate. Our well-tuned contractor mortgage service is fast and efficient so if you are looking to buy a property in Aberdeen, why not get in touch today to see how much you could borrow.

Buy to Let Contractor Mortgages

Many contractors are using Buy to Let mortgages as a way to invest in property, some building up large property portfolios through this method. Aberdeen, as the UK’s Oil & Gas capital, is a thriving city full or employees and contractors looking for rental properties and could be a great place to buy your first property on a contractor buy to let mortgage.

So, Aberdeen could be the place for your next contracting adventure. If you need to buy a property whilst you are there, you know who to come to!