Whether you’re an Aberdeen based Oil and Gas contractor operating through your own limited company, or a consultant/freelancer working through an umbrella company, we understand that applying for a mortgage can prove to be difficult. As a director of your own limited company, your accounts won’t reflect your full income and as a consultant/freelancer using an umbrella company, the payslips you do have may raise more questions than they answer when it comes to proving affordability for a mortgage.

In addition, the underwriter that looks at your mortgage at a branch of a high street bank or within a mortgage call centre is unlikely to have an understanding of just how high the demand is for Oil and Gas contractors and even if they are aware, it won’t be a factor that they have considered to take into account when underwriting your mortgage application.

How do we do it?

The cost of crude oil is constantly rising and the Oil and Gas industry remains buoyant, meaning the demand for your skills is high. All you require is an underwriter that understands your industry and has the authority to take these factors into account when making the decision on your mortgage application.

We make use of the expertise and contacts that we have built up over more than a decade of specialising in mortgages for the contracting market. We ensure that your application is put in front of the key mortgage underwriters within the lending institutions who understand the Oil and Gas industry and your employment status as a contractor. Because of this approach we can avoid the branch networks of the mortgage providers and help remove the difficulties that contractors often face when dealing with financial institutions.