Increase your rates and earn more money

Are you earning enough? Are there others with a similar skill set earning more than you? Have you been offered a new contract but you’re a little disappointed by the rate?

Whatever your situation, in fact even if you are on a good rate already, Simon Horton at Negotiation Mastery may be able to help you earn more. Negotiating contractor rates is an area of speciality for him.

Typically, contractors are excellent at their job but they are not so comfortable when it comes to asking for money, and yet a small improvement in their ability to negotiate can result in a huge increase in their income.

So it can be worthwhile getting some help from someone who has spent years doing it. Simon is the negotiation expert and believes there are some simple things that you can do that will increase your earnings significantly.

He has helped many increase their earnings by 10-20% which, over a year, amounts to many thousands of pounds. The return on investment is so high it really is a no-brainer.


Why use Negotiation Mastery?

Simon Horton at Negotiation Mastery has been an expert in negotiations for over 10 years. He has taught hostage negotiators, some of the leading law firms and banks in the world and he is a visiting lecturer at Imperial College. He is also author of the Amazon best-selling book, Negotiation mastery.

More to the point, he has helped many contractors increase their rates with his own specially-designed negotiation method.

What would that mean for you?

If you would like to earn more money, drop Simon a line at and he will be in touch.



Simon’s coaching ensured I achieved a deal way above my walk-away in a new contract negotiation recently. For his modest fee, I ensured that I will be paid £11,000 above what I had envisaged over the coming 12 months. I highly recommend him.

Lionel Jones, Programme Delivery Manager

As a freelance consultant, Simon has been immensely valuable in helping me redefine my value in the market place (much higher than I’d originally anticipated!). I would highly recommend Simon to anyone looking to negotiate a better deal.

Donna Williams, Consultant Strategist