We specialise in helping our clients to secure a contractor mortgage with one of the many contractor-friendly lenders that exist in today’s marketplace including Clydesdale bank.

Are you worried you won’t be able to get a mortgage now you’re a contractor?

Never fear! With the help and expertise that we can offer, you’ll have your agreement in principle in no time at all, on a mortgage deal as competitive as those offered to permanent employees.

How do we do it?

We simply make use of the expertise and key contacts that we have developed since 2001 from specialising in the contractor mortgage market.

Our experienced Consultants will put your application in front of key mortgage underwriters at Clydesdale Bank who understand the nature of the contracting world and appreciate that there is no shortage of requirement for your skills and understand the way in which you are paid.

Our uniquely strong relationships with the underwriters mean that your application can bypass the Clydesdale branch network. Mortgage staff within high street branches are not trained to deal with applications from contractors and as a result most applications will be declined before they even reach an underwriter, unless you can prove your income (with 3 years of accounts).