Looking for a Contractor Mortgage?

We are specialists in securing contractor mortgages from many High Street lenders including the Kensington Building Society. With our help and expertise you’ll be able to secure the same high street mortgage deals as a permanent employee!

How do we do it?

Having been working in the contractor mortgage field for over 10 years now, we have developed the expertise and key relationships that are needed to get you the mortgage you want at high street mortgage rates.

We will ensure that your application is put in front of the key mortgage underwriters at the Kensington Building Society who understand your unique employment status and appreciate that demand for your skills is high.

By using this approach we are able to avoid the high street branch network. Mortgage staff within high street branches are not generally trained to deal with contractor mortgage applications, so unless you can prove your income (with 3 years of accounts) you will most likely be declined.