Protecting your loved ones this Christmas

December 16, 2016

Christmas for many people is a time when families come together, they take a break from their everyday hectic lifestyle’s, reflect on the year and enjoy time together. It’s a time when people discover what’s most important in their lives, you’ve spent the last few weeks or months buying gifts for people you love and now get to enjoy it.

For others, it can be a very different experience, each year families in the UK lose people and for some it will be very unexpectedly and will not only have huge emotional impact, but some big financial impacts too.

Shortly after Christmas the month of “New Year Resolutions” arrives, one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions will be to sign up to a gym – how many people end up paying for this though and never use it, but find that acceptable? How many people don’t put insurance in place because they think they will never use it and don’t want to pay for it? It’s interesting what we value in life, the chance of maybe going to the gym Vs the security of our families.

Next year why not look to get your own affairs in order, for you and your family. January can be a time to make sure you’re ready, going through the process of arranging insurance is not the most exciting task but a very important one. Working with an expert can take away the pressure of making sure you make the right decision and you can work together to discuss exactly what is important.

At Contractor Financials, our expert team can guide you through all areas of personal protection planning and this is a free of charge service. All you need is 25 minutes and an open mind to discuss your financial situation please call us to discuss this further.